Joe Sutich, RCpN, Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner, Dip. Massage, Advanced Hemaview™ Practitioner

Joe Sutich, Registered Nurse and Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner, has been in the healthcare profession for 33 years, including the mental health field.

Joe has studied Natural Therapies in Australia, the United States and New Zealand.  He has completed courses overseas in advanced Microcurrent therapy and is a qualified PAPIMI practitioner. He is also a Hemaview™ (Live Blood Analysis) practitioner and has tutored other practitioners in Hemaview™ and treatments.

Joe has great success in helping with a wide variety of health problems. He specializes in the management and reduction of pain, as well as supporting people who have medical conditions that can be difficult to treat.

Joe is currently President of the NZNMA (New Zealand Natural Medicine Association).


Fleur Moore, BHSc (Comp Med), B.A., Dip. Nat., Cert. Irid., Advanced Hemaview™ Practitioner

Fleur Moore, Registered Naturopath, Iridologist and Advanced Hemaview™ practitioner, has been in the health care profession for 26 years.

Fleur has successfully helped clients with a wide range of health issues, including women’s health problems, infertility, stress and chronic fatigue. She specializes in individualized nutritional programmes to help clients achieve their personal health goals.

Fleur uses a range of assessment techniques depending on the client’s needs, including Hemaview™ (Live Blood Analysis) and Iridology (analysis of the iris of the eye). She achieves success in resolution of health issues through nutrition and lifestyle coaching and appropriate high quality natural supplements.

Please note that Fleur is on leave at present.