Bone Density Testing

Bone density testing procedure:

Gel is applied to both sides of your heel and you then place your foot in the ultrasound machine.

The measurement is taken through your heel bone using ultrasound (sound waves) rather than radiation (x-ray).

The procedure is quick, painless and non-invasive.

You will receive a report about your bone quality and risk of fracture, along with advice on how to prevent or stop the onset of osteoporosis.

Why is the measurement taken through the heel?

Although the hip is the ideal place to measure bone density, it isn’t possible to do so using ultrasound.  However, the heel bone is very similar to the bone in the hip.  The hip bone is “trabecular bone” and the heel bone is 95% trabecular bone.  It is also easy to access the heel, the procedure is quick and will usually cost you less than the traditional x-ray method.

Bone density testing is carried out at our clinic every two months, so if you would like to book a bone density test, please contact us to find out when the next bone scan day is.

Please contact us for an individual assessment.

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