Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis


Hair Analysis can be helpful when chemical or metal poisoning may be contributing to your health challenges.  It may be particularly useful if you are exposed regularly to pollutants, or if you work with metals or chemicals, such as in the following industries: painting, printing, agriculture (working with chemical sprays), boat-building, and carpentry (where timber is treated).

Hair Analysis is primarily used to determine:

• Toxins in your body. E.g. lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium or cadmium.

• Levels of nutrients in your body. E.g. calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese.

Because hair stores concentrations of minerals and toxic metals, it is a useful indicator of levels of these in the body. It is also considered the best way to evaluate long-term nutritional deficiencies or over-exposure to toxins.

Hair analysis can also indicate changes before abnormalities appear in the body.


We take a sample of your hair from the nape of the neck and send it to the USA, to the first commercial laboratory in the world to offer hair analysis.

The laboratory tests for toxins and nutrients in your hair and sends us a report with the results.  The results are presented in a graph form and enable us to ascertain the levels of the toxins and nutrients tested.

We also receive a written report relating specifically to your individual test result


 If a toxin is shown to be of a high level, we will prescribe a programme of natural products to help you eliminate it from your body.

If nutritional deficiencies are present, we will help you correct these through diet and nutritional supplements.

Preparation for Hair Analysis:

  1. The hair must not be chemically treated in any way – e.g. no perms, dyes or bleach, etc.
  2. Hair is to be shampooed with a very mild shampoo – baby shampoo is recommended – for five washes prior to the sample being taken.    
  3. No hair products such as conditioner or styling products are to be used during this time.
  4. If your hair is currently chemically treated in any way, other methods of testing may be recommended instead.

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