Hemaview™ Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

During a Hemaview™ Analysis, you can actually see your blood cells magnified!  A small sample of blood is taken from the tip of your finger, and placed beneath a microscope.  The microscope is connected to a video monitor where your blood cells will be displayed up close for you to see!

Investigating the size, shape and ratios of your red and white blood cells as well as other factors in your blood, your Practitioner will explain to you what can be seen and how that relates to your health.  Analysing your blood this way allows your Practitioner to better know how to help you, and as your health improves, you will witness the improvement in the condition of your blood!

If we have concerns, we may suggest specific blood tests for you to get done (at a medical diagnostic laboratory), to ensure that we are giving you the best possible advice.


Dry Blood Analysis

Dry blood analysis can help us to detect general inflammation and enables us to tailor your program more accurately to your individual health requirements.

Blood Cells before the practitioner prescribed program:

Blood Cells after the practitioner prescribed program:

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