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Why See a Natural Therapist, Naturopath or Healthcare Professional?

With all the information available out there, WHY bother to see a health professional, natural therapist or naturopath?

While ‘Dr Google’ can certainly give you a lot of information, it can be too much, irrelevant, confusing and even contradictory.

There is so much to be gained from a full consultation – an hour and a half all about you!  Targeted testing (where appropriate), professionally prescribed supplements that are top quality, and advice given on the best times to take them.

Food – what a huge issue!  Allergies (do I give that food up?  But I love it!)  Meat… hmmmmm…. Veges… why?  GAPS, low carb?  But what about grains, coffee, whole foods, sugar and fat?  Is it bad?  Is it good?  Confused?

Seeing a natural therapist is not just relevant for sick people.  How about maximising your health NOW?

Improve your quality of life.  It’s not about giving everything up.  It’s about gaining something of great importance and maintaining it.



When you book a health assessment with one of our practitioners for the first time, we will send you some questionnaires to complete and send back to us before your appointment. These relate to your health condition(s), symptoms, lifestyle factors and any medication you may be on, as well as your health goals.

The practitioner will go over your questionnaires with you during your consultation.

During the Consultation

In addition to the information you have provided on the questionnaires, your practitioner will discuss other matters with you, such as your medical and/or surgical history, diet, sleep and other relevant factors.

Your practitioner will take your weight and blood pressure and may examine your blood cells using Hemaview technology. You will be able to see your blood cells magnified on a computer screen.  (Our clients usually find this part fascinating!)  Your practitioner will point out and explain to you what can be seen in your blood and what that may indicate in relation to your health.

If you choose, you can also have a ‘VLA’ test done (a bioimpedance test for Vitality, Longevity and Aging) for an additional fee. This test measures physical states such as fat mass versus muscle mass, hydration levels and cellular toxicity, so is another useful tool for measuring your progress.

Your Unique Programme

Taking into account all of the information received, discussed with you and assessed during your consultation, your Advanced Natural Medicine practitioner will design a programme especially for you and your individual needs.

The initial consultation is 1 1/2 hours.


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