IRIDOLOGY (Iris Analysis)

Iridology is the study of the delicate structures of the Iris of the eye, to help identify inherent strengths, weaknesses and potential health issues.  Ignatz Van Peczely, a Hungarian Doctor, is credited with the discovery of modern Iridology, around 1881. 

The eye is connected to every organ and tissue of the body via the brain and nervous system.  Changes to body tissues are transmitted to the Iris fibres via the spinal cord and optic nerve.  Historical research shows there are precise positions in the Iris which correlate to specific areas of the body.  Observation of the Iris fibres helps to reveal how well each system of the body is working, and the overall state of a person’s health.  The fibres may darken, lighten, separate, and change their density, and colour in response to activity elsewhere in the body. 

Iridology has historically been used to assess inherent and current health status and may help to identify underlying health issues, including spinal misalignment, hormonal imbalance, endocrine dysfunction, digestive disorders and musculoskeletal problems.  Iridology does not diagnose specific disease states, but may provide answers to health questions by revealing the possible cause.  Iridology may point you in the right direction for further investigation and appropriate natural health solutions.

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