Metagenics Products NZ

Metagenics is the largest Australian natural medicine company to provide evidence based natural medicine.   They are extensively involved in research and clinical programmes as well as trials.

Metagenics can be purchased through Advanced Natural Medicine.  As it is a practitioner prescribed range of products, you will need to be in contact with one of our practitioners before it can be dispensed to you.

In New Zealand, Metagenics is one of the most highly regarded companies that supplies nutritional supplementation.

Metagenics products are of pharmaceutical grade.  They are one of only a few known companies to do stability tests on all their products to the expiry date, to ensure they are stable and the amounts that are stated on the bottle are present.  This is why Metagenics products are so trusted, not only by the practitioners who prescribe them, but also by their clients who notice the positive difference in their health when using the Metagenics brand.


Metagenics exceeds the regulation standards when it comes to quality, efficiency and safety.

Here is a list of some of the most popular Metagenics products we use at Advanced Natural Medicine:

  • Bactrex – Metagenics
  • Bio Q-Absorb 150 – Metagenics
  • CalmX Powder – Metagenics
  • Fibroplex Magactive – Metagenics
  • Fibroplex Plus – Metagenics
  • Glutagenics – Metagenics
  • Hemagenics Iron Advanced – Metagenics
  • Inflavonoid Intensive Care – Metagenics
  • Inflavonoid Sustained Care – Metagenics
  • Meta B Complex – Metagenics
  • Metapure EPA/DHA – Metagenics
  • Metazinc plus Vitamin C – Metagenics
  • Neurocalm – Metagenics
  • P-Lift – Metagenics
  • SPM Active – Metagenics
  • Ultra Flora Intensive Care – Metagenics
  • Ultra Flora Restore – Metagenics
Metagenics Photo Ultra Flora

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